Concrete Polishing

AMP Polishing has all the experience for the best polished floor solution.  We’re here to assist you get the perfect polish floor option to match your expectations and budget. Our highly trained and professional team have polished thousands of concrete floors across Sydney, guaranteeing that you’ll receive an outstanding finish to your polished floor.

Our dedication to quality and customer service is supported by our extensive list of customer testimonies and work examples the highest quality polished concrete in the industry.

We offer a broad range of floor grinding services to both residential and commercial clients.  Projects we work on range in size, and we offer a range of different finishes and styles to suit any space.

Our services are offered on new builds and recent pours, as well as existing concrete floors and renovations. Clients get great value for money with options for all styles and budgets.

Call today for more information on our wide range of grinding and polishing services that we know will meet all your concrete finish expectations.

Our polished concrete not only adds elegance to any floor but also ensures durability at an affordable cost. Don’t settle for any floor finish less than high quality when it comes to your floor anywhere across Sydney and New South Wales.

For all your mechanically polished concrete to epoxy coatings for both residential and commercial projects, contact us today!

Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing

  • By utilising the concrete floor slab as your finished floor, the environmental costs associated with the manufacture of other floor coverings, adhesives and all installation materials are eliminated. An eco-friendly solution!
  • The random variety of stones in the polished concrete makes each floor unique and very low maintenance.
  • Polished floors are easy to clean and looking great. The floor’s sealer repels spillages & stains and easily cleaned up.
  • Polished concrete floors do not harbour dust mites as carpet does, so a hypo-allergenic surface for home and business owners.
  • Polished concrete does not give off volatile organic compounds, (VOC’s) which can be found in composite timber flooring and coatings such as epoxies. 
  • We all know that concrete floors are long lasting, durable and outlast any other flooring alternative.
  • Yes, there is a cost for polishing the floor, but over time it becomes more cost effective than vinyl, timber, carpet, and tiles which eventually will need replacing.

For more information on our polished concrete survives or epoxy coatings for both residential and commercial projects, contact us today!

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